Monday, 25 July 2011

Empowered Birth Awareness Week

Empowered Birth Awareness Week starts on the first Monday in September and lasts for one week, naturally. It is a way of reaching out to women all over the world and empowering them to gain confidence in their ability to bear and birth their children without fear and in a positive manner. This can mean lots of different things to each and every individual woman. The central message is to take control and question everything that health professionals present to you. Research births on the Internet cos there is sooooo much info out there regarding birthing in a way that suits you. If that means you are posh spice and having your gizilienth c section then so be it. If however, you are not too posh to push, then join the Awareness Week available on facebook to push back against the constant creeping shadow that is medicalisation of the birthing process trying to swallow us whole. Join together during Awareness Week and celebrate just how wonderful we women are, sorted.

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