Monday, 25 February 2013

Pain Free Labour the book now available on Kindle.

     At last, the moment the Internet has been waiting for. The launch of the Pain Free Labour book on Amazon's Kindle.
Learn all you will ever need to know about labouring the pain free way.
Marvel at the art work, indistinguishable from photographs of everyday folk.
Become a more relaxed person by practising the relaxation techniques outlined in the book. It's not only hippies who can be all laid back and serene.
Find out why modern societies teach women that labour WILL be painful, despite all the evidence within anatomy and physiology books that do not support this belief.
Discover why Buffy the Vampire Slayer was so successful at bashing Vamps and the hormone that helped her in lonely walks through graveyards at night. Was she ever asking for trouble or what?
See why the American Constitution does not apply to American women who just happen to be in labour.
Ascertain intimate knowledge of the uterine cervix and why it sometimes takes ages and ages to dilate.
Bring to light the real reason why that little minx Eve stole the apple from the forbidden tree.
Come across hazards to a Pain Free Labour that can be avoided under most circumstances.
Detect why physical body positions can cause labour contractions to become painful.
Expose how society has known about Pain Free Labour since the 1940s and yet chose to ignore this vital piece of knowledge.
Uncover a hitherto unknown adversary of Bat Man simply known as Medulla the Meddler.
Track down the hero who finally convinced medics to wash their hands in between patients and so saved the lives of countless new mothers.
Turn up quite interesting facts on a super new sport for the next Olympic Games.
Unearth clinical secrets about your cervix that the medical profession never wanted you to know.

Reveal how women have been kept in the dark for the past three hundred years in order to line the pockets of the medical men.
Observe the whole world rocking on its axis as Pain Free Labours become the norm.
Search out a copy of this amazing book at your local Amazon Kindle store today.
OK, my thesaurus has run out of synonyms for discover so I will say a huge thank you to my 4 lovely children who by simply being born helped me to discover a better way to labour.
      Ann xx.

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