Monday, 5 December 2011

Pain Free Labour the book.

Hi everyone, finished the book 10 days ago and am still waiting to hear from the publishers. The more time that goes by the more I worry. What if they don't like it?
The last response I received from Amy at Carroll and Brown was a comment on the tiger in the post: Why Labour Hurts 3 - "Imagine you are a cave woman coming toward the end of your labour when a Sabre toothed tiger appears at the cave door. OMG. The first thing you would do is to release adrenalin into your system so that you have extra energy to run away or stay and fight. But 'Oh No' your cervix is nearly fully dilated, if your baby is born now then the tiger will think its her birthday and celebrate with a very fresh human, covered in a tasty liquour dressing accompanied by a side order of bloody placenta. Yum"
Amy said it was a bit OTT. I think she meant Over The Top. She may have meant One Terrific Tale.Who can tell. If that was Over The Top then the bit about medical men burning midwives at the stake, and calling us witches, just to take over our practise in bygone days, may not have gone down very well. I will let you know if there is any book left to publish after they have finished with it. Wish me luck, Ann x.