Monday, 23 December 2013

Feedback for Pain Free Labour books.

This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
I am a hypnobirth teacher and I bought this just to see what it was about. I would recommend this book to the parents I teach it is well written and humorous in the right places. Birth is explained in clear way that isn't too technical and would help put mums at ease.
This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
My first birth was quite traumatic and didn't go to plan, this really helped me prepare for 2nd and I ended up wth a fast and pretty painless birth, honestly didn't believe was possible. Easy to read and follow with a bit of humour. Highly recommend!

This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
As I'm still pregnant I haven't tried this yet but I do know how strong the mind is and how much it can help to stay relaxed. I will absolutely give this a go when it's time for me to have my second child in a few weeks :)
This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
This book explains in plain language why labour contractions were never designed to cause pain during a normal labour. The author sets out a very plausible reason for why contractions can become painful and how to avoid this happening. Funny in places, the bit about teenagers in labour made me LOL. The history of labour was very interesting in that it explained how women were manipulated by medical men into believing that labour contractions should cause pain. Best of all is the advice on how to avoid a painful labour, birthing pool here I come!

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Progresive Muscle Relaxation

The secret to pain free labour is to use relaxation techniques practiced in pregnancy as soon as labour starts in order to avoid the complications brought on by adrenalin production.
The best relaxation technique I have used is to sit in a comfortable chair with pillows or supports as necessary to give good support to your back. You then close your eyes and focus on your feet. You imagine all the tension flowing out of them and you say to yourself (in your mind, not out loud or people will think you are nuts) feet relax.
You work up the body in this fashion paying particular attention to your shoulders and neck as this is where we store a lot of our stress and tension.
This technique once practiced can be done quite quickly when in labour so you are ready for the next contraction. A relaxed person does not secrete adrenalin so the cervix is free to dilate. The contractions therefore do not have to increase above normal as you are making their work easier.
Take control and have confidence. We are women, we are built to give birth and we can be very good at it.
Let me know if you have a pain free labour as a result of this technique and help spread the word.

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