Friday, 1 April 2011

Relax with meditation

Meditation is used to focus the mind and combat the negative effects of stress. It brings together mind and body so that they work in unison more easily. There are different ways to meditate, you don't have to be sat still as it also works whilst on the move. A focused calm mind will automatically calm the body, reducing adrenalin output which is vital for a pain free labour.
For best results in labour:
  • Sit upright in a quiet environment making sure you are well supported and comfortable.
  • Focus the mind with a meaningful phrase ('pain free labour' will do) and repeat it in your mind while relaxing.
  • Or focus on an object in the room and work at emptying your mind of all else.
  • If other thoughts intrude, work on fading them away as soon as you realise your mind has drifted. It is quite difficult at first but gets easier with practice.
  • Similar to progressive muscle relaxation, you can conduct a body scan whilst meditating. Focus on parts of your body from the feet up but instead of telling them to relax you just note how they feel and move on.
  • Practice meditation for at least 10 minutes a day to get really good at it.
Any relaxation technique when practiced regularly brings your body and mind into balance whilst increasing energy levels cos you are not wasting resources having unnecessary panic attacks throughout the day. Stress hormones are reduced along with their harmful effects on the body.
Finding a technique that appeals to your lifestyle and preferences is vital. When you find the one that best suits you it can be used throughout the pregnancy so that when labour begins you will not instantly go into panic mode. If you do then you can pull back and start to take control by practicing relaxing in a way that suits you best.
Progressive muscle relaxing worked for me in my two pain free labours. I still use it today more than 20 years after my forth was born and it can work wonders at reliving the stresses of everyday life.

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