Saturday, 20 August 2011

Questions asked about a pain free labour 3

Isn't lying down on the bed the most comfortable way to labour?
No, lying down in labour is the worst position that you can be in. Whilst labouring with my third I was forced to lie in a semi sitting up position whilst on a CTG machine, lay on a bed, and was in agony with the contractions. See the post - The third. Sitting upright or standing or walking about allows your uterus to work with gravity. If you lie down then the contractions have to become stronger as they are working against gravity. See the post - Staying upright and Why labour hurts 4.
You may think that you will be in labour for hours and hours and staying upright will become a major pain in the bum, literally. If you are calm and doing one of the relaxation methods outlined in this blog then your labour will be a lot quicker as there will be no adrenalin holding your cervix shut. I have noticed that women who are relaxed and in control in labour have much shorter labours. Then you can get back into bed and cuddle your brand new beautiful baby and lie down as much as you want. Till the meconium starts flowing and you have to get up to change the first nappy, EW!

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