Monday, 10 October 2011

Due to another project this blog will close for a while. You now have all the information that you need to enjoy a pain free first stage of labour.


  • Stay upright, this can be on a chair, leaning against a partner, sat on a birthing ball or leaning forward on a beenbag. As long as your uterus is not working against the pull of gravity. You do the math, I'm not your mum.
  • Practice the relaxing techniques in pregnancy outlined in this blog.
  • When you start contracting in labour, DON'T PANIC, even being a little anxious will produce a rise in your adrenalin levels. Start doing the relaxing till you have it under control and the contractions stop causing the sensation of pain.
  • Contact your midwife if you have any concerns. If having a hospital birth then come in when the contractions are every 3 min and lasting for 50-60 seconds if this is your first vaginal birth. If you have had a vaginal birth before then come in when the contractions are every 5 min.
  • Have calm relaxing people with you in labour. I have seen otherwise calm people sent up the wall with fussing mother in laws who panic and should never be allowed within 50 miles of a labour room.
  • Eat small regular carb meals in labour cos it is a big muscle and must be kept well fed. Lets face it, its the only time you feel good about feeding your face lots of yummy carbos.
I will let you know how my other project is going, have you ever tried to write 25,000 words. It's not frelling easy I tell you. Good luck, I will be thinking about you. All it takes is to believe. Ann xxx.

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