Thursday, 5 April 2012

Best Birth Centres - The Rosie Hospital, Cambridge

Exciting news seen on the Internet - a brand new 10 roomed birthing centre has opened in Cambridge, England. Each room has a birthing pool and other essential equipment for a natural pain free first stage of labour. The essential equipment will be aimed at providing you with a comfortable environment in which to labour. A home from home. An upright position will be encouraged as previously outlined in this blog. Staying upright is important for a pain free labour as the contractions are working with gravity, so do not have to become stronger.

Relaxation will be encouraged within a calm nurturing atmosphere where you can eat and drink to your own personal needs. Taking advantage of the pools for your labour and birth is always a very good choice as warm water has been used for years to ameliorate the normal aches and discomforts of simply being pregnant. The warm water also negates the pull of gravity to some extent and so floating in the pool with a cool drink and willing birth partners in attendance will feel like being on your hols, what more could you ask.

In today's economic climate, it is wonderful to hear of an NHS trust going that extra mile to provide a choice for women in Cambridgeshire. So, if you desire a birth to be envied by all your friends, make sure you are around the Cambridge area when you go into labour. Access earlier posts within this blog for relaxation techniques. Sorted.

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