Friday, 28 January 2011

One born every minute again

One of my women yesterday told me that she always watches One Born Every Minute and as a result she is terrified of going into labour. As soon as she goes into labour she will become stressed because of this fear and begin to produce adrenalin. This is bad. Adrenalin attaches itself to the cervix and prevents it from opening. The contractions then have to get stronger and stronger to try and open the cervix that is being held shut. I am sure that this is the prime reason for women to contract but not dilate. Programmes like OBEM do a lot of damage by spreading the firmly held myth in our society that uterine contractions are meant to be painful. They are not. My two out of four pain free labours taught me that and I would like to spread the word in order to free women from the fear of childbirth.

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