Monday, 17 January 2011

One born every minute

How can women ever break free of the belief that labour contractions have to be painful when programmes like 'One born every minute' exist. I am sure the producers direct the midwives not to help the women in labour so that it is really good  TV in that it is very dramatic and full of pain and anguish. All the women who showed signs of being in pain were lay much too flat on the beds. In this position the uterus has to work against gravity and so the contractions become stronger and so cause pain. If the women were allowed to sit up on a chair or birthing ball and taught how to use relaxation techniques then they would be calm and pain free. Hey, but then that would not be very interesting would it? Where is the drama in just sitting there and coping really well. Just another example of female exploitation for entertainment purposes. AHHHH. It was however nice when the young guy was bonding with his new baby. There were tears. The revolution is coming when labour will no longer be feared and so will not be painful. Join the crusade here.

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