Thursday, 13 April 2017

One Born Every Minute

 Just had to share this blog with you on a normal midwives view of One Born Every Minute. All the midwives working on OBEM are simply Obstetric Nurses. Do not trust them with your labour!

Midwifes view of one born every minute.

Kemi Johnson
Seriously OBEM midwives are you dumb???? IT'S 2017!!!!!!!!! Why are you still pulling babies out by their heads from women in stranded beetle position? You are supposed to be the experts in normal birth. Do any other mammals lie back with their legs in the air? Do you poo lying down??? You are promoting a drive angle of the baby right at her perineum creating a higher chance of wounding. You are causing babies to cry when many babies could birth themselves from upright women without a murmur. You're deceiving women into thinking that they couldn't have birthed without you.
And now that all of the defensive comments have started rolling in, some clarification. Some midwives are the best thing that ever happened to a birthing woman. But I refuse to collude with those that blame editing and pressure to work a certain way. Midwifery, for the moment in the UK remains an autonomous profession. It is a very old one. We have access to knowledge, experience and research. There are plenty of midwives around enabling healthy birth without having their hands all over a woman's perineum, encouraging her into an unfavourable birth position and exposing her to a harder labour with more risk of tearing. The health and future health of all takes priority over feelings. I would rather be considered rude on my own profile page than politely steer women into pushing uphill, potentially suffering increased trauma to their perineums that I 'rescue' them from with my hands on their private parts whilst they lay vulnerable on their backs. This treatment of women in childbirth has gone on long enough. It is coercive and unnecessary. Midwives get together and say NO to practices that you KNOW make no sense. We sign the register to keep women and their children in the centre of our care. I won't be silent.

Well said Kemi, we are with you on this one, yay.

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