Thursday, 1 June 2017

MUM'S UP AND MOBILE for labour


Research by Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust found that when they got mums off the bed and let them move around in labour. freely adopting positions that they felt comfortable in, their normal delivery rate rose from 59.9% to 64.7%.

At Last! A trust that is giving woman centred care instead of work load led care. They should be given a medal!

OK, my blog has been telling women for the past 6 years that they should never lie down in labour or allow themselves to be laid down by hospital staff who do not give a toss if they get a normal delivery or not. Now I am backed up by the whole of Gloucestershire. Yay.

For women who needed a trace of their baby's heartbeat due to a risk factor they used CTG machines that were wireless. However, I have found that even if you only have the wire CTG machines, you can still get your Mum Up and Mobile, you just have to be a little more inventive.

Comments from mums who took part in the project: "Moving more during labour really helped me as I had a quick labour due to me walking all day and using the ball."
Invited to move around as much as I wanted to, informed about wireless monitoring to enable easier movement." 
"Felt able to move as much as I wanted and I was encouraged to find comfortable positions for myself."
It was nice not to be confined to the bed!"
I was encouraged to move around in labour by my midwife but chose not to."

Hopefully, this initiative will spread and become a UK wide project. This will happen faster if women actually mention this research in their birth plan and ask to have the choice of movement during their labour. Giving women back control has been found to empower them to feel confident that, yes, they can do this. They are not just a piece of meat waiting to be processed. They have a choice. A real one.

No matter what you see on One Born Every Stupid Minute, get off the bed, it is no place to labour!
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